Press Release

Barbados and UAE to Host Major UNCTAD events in 2020

26 June 2019

Geneva, Switzerland – Barbados and the United Arab Emirates have joined forces to co-host major UNCTAD events in 2020.

Barbados will host the 15th UNCTAD quadrennial conference in Bridgetown, while the United Arab Emirates will host the World Investment Forum and the first eCommerce Week for Asia in Abu Dhabi. The two countries will co-chair the events.

UNCTAD’s Trade and Development Board unanimously endorsed the two countries’ generous offers on 25 June.

The decision will be submitted to the UN General Assembly for approval.

“The two countries’ agreement to co-host our main global gatherings next year demonstrates south-south cooperation,” UNCTAD Secretary-General Mukhisa Kituyi said. 

Barbados and the United Arab Emirates had made separate offers to host next year’s quadrennial conference but mutually agreed to co-host the events.

“I thank them for their leadership in arriving at this win-win solution that expresses mutual respect between the two.

The quadrennial conference is the highest decision-making body of UNCTAD at which member states make assessments of current trade and development issues, discuss policy options and formulate global policy responses.

The conference also sets the organization’s work priorities.