Message from the Minister of Tourism and International Transport

Minister of Tourism and International Transport

Senator the Honourable Lisa Cummins

We are delighted that agreement has been reached on the dates for the rescheduled 15th Session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, which will now take place in Barbados from October 3rd -8th, 2021.  

As Minister of Tourism and International Transport, I am enthusiastically looking forward to the prospect of welcoming so many distinguished visitors to our shores. My officials are working in close partnership with the tourism and hospitality sector on an active and exciting programme to meet the wide-ranging interests of participants expected to attend from the 195 member states of UNCTAD, from international and regional agencies, and from civil society, business, and academia.  Our goal is to create, for all delegates, a truly enjoyable and memorable Barbadian experience, and a positive Conference atmosphere that delivers on the critical trade and development decisions we so desperately need at this uncertain juncture in world affairs.

2020 has been an exceptionally difficult and traumatic year for us all.  I hope that in October 2021, as you make plans to attend the sessions of UNCTAD 15, you will also seek to use the opportunity to take a much-deserved respite with your families in the safe and healthy environment of Barbados.

Indeed, for over three centuries Barbados has been recognised as a premier destination in the global hospitality industry. As far back as 1700 our capital city could boast of hotels which hosted seafarers primarily from England and North America. Bridgetown was then an important centre of urban sophistication and hospitality, with a growing reputation as a health and wellness spa. It was this reputation that caused the young George Washington to undertake his only journey outside of his homeland when, in 1751, he accompanied his ailing brother Lawrence to Barbados in search of the salubrious and curative properties of the island’s eastern trade winds.

Those properties still await you as does the traditional friendliness and hospitality of the Barbadian people. Come see for yourselves in October 2021!