Conference Facilitation Arrangements

Facilitation Arrangements for Delegates to UNCTAD 15


Registration and accreditation of delegates will be carried out by the UNCTAD Secretariat in Geneva. Member States are advised to monitor the Secretariat’s website for notification of the opening of registration. It is expected that this will happen in the next few months, now that the new dates for the rescheduled Conference have been decided.

Thereafter Member States are encouraged to submit the credentials of their delegation to the UNCTAD Secretariat and to complete the online registration of their individual delegates in good time, so as to facilitate the work of the Secretariat in processing their accreditation. Insofar as possible, delegates’ badges will be prepared in advance in Geneva and every effort will therefore be made to keep late in-person registration in Bridgetown down to the minimum.

In order to assist, the host country has provided on this website a registration link which will take you directly to the relevant page on the UNCTAD Secretariat’s site, once this is activated.

Airport Facilitation

The host country will provide airport/hotel/airport transfers for delegates attending UNCTAD 15.

Heads of Government and Ministers will be facilitated on arrival and departure by Protocol Officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

On arrival delegates will be assisted through immigration and customs procedures by a team of Liaison Officers, and escorted to the transportation collection point. The host country will provide member states with special baggage tags to expedite the identification and clearance of their luggage.

Member States are asked to note that there are specific regulations for the importation of firearms into Barbados. Security Officers requiring such permission will find the provisions outlined under the Barbados section of this site, at the tab: Customs Procedures.

In order to ensure a smooth  facilitation process member governments are asked to submit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados, at least one week in advance of travel, the following information: composition of their delegation, to include names and positions, full flight details (arrival and departure) as well as hotel accommodation arrangements.

Liaison Services

The host Government will designate a Liaison Officer for each participating member state and for the Heads of Regional and International Agencies as relevant.  There will also be Liaison Officers assigned to Information Desks at the hotels and the main Conference Venues, as well as at the various Forums and side events of UNCTAD 15.

Conference Transportation Arrangements

The host country will provide hotel/Conference/hotel and hotel/Forum/hotel transfers, as well as transportation to official functions hosted by the Government of Barbados. These services will be arranged by coach on a scheduled basis between the designated hotels and the Conference Centre. Delegates who have chosen other accommodation can go to the nearest designated hotel on the shuttle’s route. Information on routes and schedules will be provided to participants, and will also be displayed at hotels.

Dress Etiquette for UNCTAD 15

Professional business wear/national dress is recommended for the formal Opening Ceremony of the Conference. For other receptions and hospitality functions, the normal style of dress in Barbados is “elegantly casual”.

The comfort of delegates in Barbados’ tropical conditions is important to the host Government. The wearing of business suit, or jacket and tie in the meetings of the Conference is therefore an option, not an absolute requirement. However, since the main Conference facilities are fully air-conditioned, it might be useful to have a jacket handy while indoors.


Contact details for liaison officers and other emergency numbers will be posted at each hotel and available to all delegates.

Medical personnel will operate a first aid station at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Conference Centre during meeting hours, normally between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm, for the duration of the conference. First aid emergency medical services will also be available at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and at the Government-sponsored hospitality events taking place outside of Conference hours.

Persons in need of private medical care can make arrangements with the medical personnel at the conference facility to be directed to the appropriate private medical facility. Liaison and hotel personnel can also assist in this regard.