Customs Procedures

The general customs declaration for all arriving passengers is included on the online ED card.

Every effort is being made to provide a safe, comfortable environment for conference delegates. 

Regulations for the
Import and Export of Firearms

The Laws of Barbados (Cap 179) prohibit the possession, use, import or export of a firearm by any person who is not a member of the Barbados Defence Force or the Royal Barbados Police Force unless that person has been issued a license or permit for the purpose.  Applications for a license are submitted to and approved by the Commissioner of Police.

The Legislation however provides a specific exemption in the case of firearms and ammunition carried by security personnel accompanying a foreign Head of State, Head of Government or other representative of a foreign government on a visit to Barbados.

This provision is conditional upon the submission of a formal application to the Commissioner of Police on behalf of the officer carrying the firearm. This should be made through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, via diplomatic note, at least ten (10) working days prior to the estimated date of arrival of the officer carrying the firearm, and should include the following information:

  • Name of dignitary/official
  • Name of officer accompanying the dignitary and carrying the firearm
  • Passport size photograph of the officer carrying the firearm
  • Purpose of visit
  • Duration of stay
  • Make and model of firearm
  • Serial number of firearm
  • Calibre of firearm
  • Number and type of rounds of ammunition

The note can be sent to the Ministry by e-mailing or faxing to the following:

It should also be copied to Ms. Jacqueline Griffith, Executive Administrative Assistant in the Office of the National Coordinator for UNCTAD 15, at the following e mail address:

Once the application is approved, the Barbados Customs Authorities at the Grantley Adams International Airport will facilitate the clearance of the firearm on the arrival of its bearer. Similar procedures will be followed on the departure of the officer to verify the export of the firearm.