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The young people participating from around the globe in the UNCTAD 15 Youth Forum took on a number of issues on Day 2 of the forum, 17 September.

This morning’s session on Skills of the Future looked at career building and on how to prepare and adapt to changing career paths due to new technologies. Brian Wong, Managing Director, Seacliff Partners, was the special guest, while the facilitator was Sanya Rajpal, Business Strategy Development Consultant, FACTORY 42.

Brian Wong listening to facilitator Sanya Rajpaul during the discussion

Mr. Wong is an experienced internet executive and angel investor with more than 16 years of experience in management, and operations experience in ecommerce and media in Greater China, South East Asia, India, the United States and Europe.

He said that his involvement in business with young people has been humbling and educational.

When questioned about his advice to young people, Mr. Wong said, “I would say that in life, what you give is what you get. I think most people’s natural habit is to be protective, even closed. They might also fear that they are missing out on something. Try and approach life with an open heart and be the first mover to give, and you might be surprised at what people come back with. Don’t expect anything in return. Try and be overly generous. Even if you don’t get anything back from the person, you’re going to feel better.”

Mr. Wong added that if more people applied these practices to their lives, the world would be a better place.

Another session today dealt with International Trade: COVID-19 and Opportunity. Other topics covered Prioritizing Funding for Development in a post-COVID World, Emerging Employment Trends, Climate Resilience: Clearing the Smog on those Most Affected and Redefining Trade Governance.

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